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I was approached by this company to develop their logo and later their first package design. They were striving to create a brand inspired by a traveling lifestyle full of adventure. The name, Malinvern, comes from a mountain in Italy which they wanted their logo to embody. I created a logo design that incorporated a custom typeface and an icon of a mountain range.

Logo Development

Since the company is named after a mountain, the logo needed to reflect that idea. Applying a mountain and the company name would be too straightforward. Therefore, I created custom typefaces that contained sharp points and stretched upwards to resemble characteristics of peaks. Below you will find three concepts that I presented and were reviewed by the founder of Malinvern.


The typeface needed to appear bold but also delicate in order to retain a sense of elegance and class. That is why I encouraged the company to go with a slightly thin typeface with exaggerated points. Ultimately, they went with my suggestion and accompanied the typeface with a graphic of mountains that resemble the letter M for Malinvern.

The Brand Life Style

Once the logo was created, they began their marketing with their new logo. Below you can find social media posts and ads that the company ran to promote their product. You can see in the photos how the product designer decided to place the logo I created.

Space section

Package Design

With the development of the prototypes it was time to conceptualize the packaging. The approach was simple, a sleek slender black box with a branded belly band wrapped around. A rendering can be seen below that I presented to the team.


Once the package design was established, I needed to produce instructions for the packaging. I created template files with measurements, scoring fold lines, and crop lines for a vendor to utilize during production. The package design was essentially a match box that had been elongated to contain a fully extended wrist watch. A cushion was to be placed inside with two laces to hold the watch in place.

Malinvern Package Design Presentation

Bottom Half of Package Template


Belly Band Template


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Jiko Power Inc

Jiko Power Inc. is a company that is pioneering the use of thermal energy technology. They have developed a product that captures heat and converts it into electricity which they have named “The Spark”. With this power their product is able to charge electronic devices in any rural area by utilizing an open flame.

Graphic Work

Jiko Power requested visual aids from me. I have created infographics for social media, instruction manuals and product illustrations. My time working with Jiko Power involved primarily consulting on how to expand their brand and introduce new graphics to their marketing.

Product Illustrations

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Outside Thinc


Outside Thinc is a small creative agency in Seattle, Washington. They work with local businesses to develop their brand but they also help promote artists from various creative backgrounds. My work with Outside Thinc primarily focused on promoting artists that the agency supported in California. I created event posters promoting concerts for clubs and other venues. Along with event posters I had to adapt the designs for all social media platforms.