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Leading Non-destructive Testing (NDT) Solutions

As a designer for Zetec I was responsible for expanding the Zetec brand across various platforms in both print and media. Zetec is a global leader in nondestructive testing solutions for critical inspections. Zetec is involved in field work and development of new innovative technologies for the following industries: Power Generation, Oil and Gas, Aerospace, Automotive, Maritime, Military, Rail, Heavy Industry, and Manufacturing.

Website Rebrand

Homepage Web Banner

Before I joined the Zetec marketing department, their website had undergone a massive makeover. The site integrated the new brand but was in need of something extra to make the site stand out. Alongside the director of marketing for Zetec, we updated the homepage graphics and product pages. Above you can see an example of a homepage design I created to promote one of Zetec’s most promising pieces of technology.

Magazine Ads

Zetec promotes products in many NDT magazines and journals. While staying loyal to the brand, I introduced a new advertisement approach. Finding a balance between text and imagery opened the doors to unique layering and manipulation of both text and visuals. Above you can see examples of the ads I designed.

Product Brochures

With all the products that Zetec produces and sells, there is a brochure that accompanies all of them. These brochures include specifications of the product, ordering details, beauty shots, and other information that might entice a potential buyer. Since Zetec is an international company I also ensured that all brochures were translated to multiple languages that include Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, German, and Spanish.

Print Brochure
PaintBrush_Brochure_English Portfolio
Print ready tri-fold brochure layout (right: cover, middle: back, left: inside flap)
PaintBrush_Brochure_English Portfolio 2
Tri-fold brochure inside spread

Space section

Digital Brochure

wave_2_sectionEvent Branding

Every year Zetec hosts a channel partner meeting to celebrate and update investors about the company. This event takes place in a different location every year. Each event is themed based on the location and once a location has been decided on, it is my responsibility to design all documents, signage, and presentations based on the theme.

The 2017 channel partner meeting took place in Dana Point, California. The location is famous for surfing, fishing, and other ocean-based activities. With all event logos the marketing department attempts to incorporate the wave that is found in the Zetec logo. The event logo that I created incorporated the wave concept quite literally. The illusion of momentum compliments the name of the event, Wave of Momentum. Then to frame the logo into a unified shape, I manipulated the design to resemble the shape of a sea shell.


Trade shows

Zetec participates in NDT trade shows internationally to showcase products. Trade shows are Zetec’s main opportunity to showcase new products. This is the time where current and potential customers can witness and have a hands-on experience with the products. Along with creating print material I was responsible for creating the banners and other trade show booth graphics. My designs were visually stimulating and informative to help entice new customers.


Booth Setup_ASNT Aerospace