Latino Community Fund of Washington

The Latino Community Fund is a non profit organization that cultivates new leaders, supports cultural and community based non-profit organizations, and improves the quality of life for all Washingtonians. I have been working with this organization to help establish their brand and expand it to various digital and print platforms. Below you will find the work I have contributed to this date. More projects are in the works and soon to me released.


Charity Gala

Every year The Latino Community Fund of Washington hosts a gala full of food, dancing, and other events to raise money. For one of their gala events I was asked to design their poster. This poster was featured online and printed distribution.

This was the first project that I have done for the organization. The design was inspired by the colors of the organization that can be seen on the dress of the woman, and the aesthetic of minimalist posters. The goal was to create a clean and simple elegant design.

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Event Promotion


The Latino Community Fund of Washington hosts several events in the community that range from social events to informative ones. The organization often has asked me to create designs to promote their events. These designs must work both for print and digital platforms.

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Company Branding

My involvement with the Latino Community Fund has lead to consulting them towards a stronger brand identity. I have provided the organization with business card templates for all employees and other marketing content. I utilized their icon element found in their logo and their three main brand colors in other marketing materials to establish recognition of their logo.

Thank You Card LCFW

Above is a thank you card design I created to be distributed at their 2018 charity gala event. It is a 5×7 fold open card printed on 110Ib card stock.